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Anke Weisheit Forms New Institute

Associate Scholar Anke Weisheit has successfully gained acceptance of her plan for the establishment the Institute of Indigenous Knowledge (IIK) at Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Mbarara, Uganda. First organizing the Institute in 2006, Ms. Weisheit's Institute was approved in April 2011 by the University Council. She originally submitted her plans to the Vice Chancellor in a concept paper in 2006, began to establish the Institute and now it is a formal part of the University.

Ms. Weisheit is a noted leader in the study and use of medicinal plants in East Africa and has served as a project consultant for the Herbalist Association and the National Agricultural research Organization of Uganda. If you are registered with our website you may view more details about Anke Weisheit at http://cwis.org/profile/?member=50