Associate Scholars Program

  • Khmer-Krom: Internal Chaos of Indigenous People

    Vietnam as a country must stop forcing the Khmer-Krom people to incorporate into mainstream society by changing their culture and identity. Such acts are a violation against its very own constitutions, international laws, UN… more >>
  • Associates working together...

    Two CWIS associates were able to connect recently in San Francisco to exchange ideas about sharing information and supporting each other's projects.
  • Associate Cristine Soliz's letter to Warner Brothers

    Read Associate Cristine Soliz's letter to Warner Brothers concerning the Steve McQueen movie project called "Yucatan"
  • Biafran Declaration

    Biafra, the reemerging nation of Igbo people and their allies seek to reclaim their political right to freely choose their own political future through nonviolent political transformation. CWIS has informed 17 states' governments… more >>
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