Center for World Indigenous Studies

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Mixed First Person

Culture Forum

CULTURE FORUM aims to empower and celebrate Fourth World cultures by actively advancing the knowledge, performance, and art of indigenous peoples toward a more multi-cultural human experience. CULTURE FORUM is dedicated to artistic and cultural exchange through community building and advancing the knowledge of peoples and their common origins. By celebrating cultural difference in the Fourth World, we choose to preserve and protect the rich diversity present in indigenous cultures, both ancient and contemporary. To this end, CULTURE FORUM supports a wide range of individual and community based projects aimed at the reclamation and preservation of original names, languages, beliefs, places, and practices. We provide a forum supportive of intercultural as well intracultural exploration, empowerment, and exchange aimed to play across national, cultural, artistic, and personal borders.

CULTURE FORUM's artistic direction is provided by Christian W.C. Rÿser.
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