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  • Brazil: Another victim in the Guarani-Kaiow

  • Kalahui Hawaii: Overthrow Remembered

    On January 16, 1893, United States diplomatic and military personnel conspired with a small group of individuals to overthrow the constitutional government of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Under the direction of the American Minister,… more >>
  • West Papua: Trouble in the Highlands

    A humanitarian crisis is emerging in the Punjak Jaya region of West Papua. Local human rights workers report that thousands of people fled the regions of Tingginabbut, Yamu, Illu and Mulia Ambat in mid-December and have gone into… more >>
  • Somaliland: Recent Troubles Refocus International Attention

    A return of violence and turmoil to the troubled state of Somalia has refocused international attention on the unrecognised state of Somaliland, as its people continue to witness events from their relatively peaceful northern territory.
  • Sweden's Sami struggle over land rights

    The indigenous Sami people in northern Sweden took a step toward self-determination in the New Year, when the government gave them full control of reindeer herding for the first time.

    Now the people once known as Lapps face a… more >>
  • Protecting traditional knowledge

    In recent years indigenous peoples' cultural resources have become bones of contention for many different reasons. They are given different labels, manifesting the different ways in which people define them; mostly based on… more >>
  • Indigenous people, commerce clash over bioprospecting

    Maca growers and indigenous organizations were outraged when, in 2001, a New Jersey company, PureWorld Botanicals, received a U.S. patent for exclusive commercial distribution of an extract of maca's active libido-enhancing… more >>
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