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  • Basque Peace and Freedom

    Despite opposition by the Spanish state, an international panel -- including Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams -- has backed the peaceful, democratic aspirations of Basque country. As one of Europe's most ancient and cohesive… more >>
  • Indigenous Peoples - WB Safeguards Policy Review

    Concerns and recommendations of indigenous peoples on the Safeguard Policy review of the World Bank

    We, the undersigned Indigenous Peoples organizations and support NGOs, wish to express our dismay over the long drawn process… more >>
  • Relentless Destruction

    Six first nations on Vancouver Island have brought their complaint before the Organization of American States Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, charging Canada with uncompensated taking of their ancestral territory to… more >>
  • Universal Jurisdiction

    UK changes war crimes law to accommodate Israel and protect Israeli war criminals from prosecution in Britain. Amnesty International weighs in against this blatant corruption of the Geneva Conventions. While the UK rightly… more >>
  • Gernika Agreement

    The Basque quest for liberation from the Spanish state parallels that of Northern Ireland, where the formerly active military arm supports the end of armed conflict in exchange for a democratic peace process. Whether the Spanish… more >>
  • Sovereignty Action

    Outgoing Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians President Brian Cladoosby joined incoming president Fawn Sharp in calling for greater action on Indian sovereignty at a recent Sovereignty Summit. As U.S. federal agencies drag their… more >>
  • Report of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

    The Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples held its fourth session from 11 to 15 July 2011. In addition to the five members of the Expert Mechanism, the participants
    in the session included representatives of… more >>
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