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  • Out of Step

    In the August 30, 2012 report by the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, it is noted that flagrant violations of historical treaties constitute some of the principal wrongdoings committed by the United… more >>
  • Standing in the Way

    In this film about geomilitary mapping in Mexico, we learn about the academic/non-profit front of the U.S. Army project to militarize indigenous territories as a means of privatizing communally owned land. As a process of… more >>
  • Taking on the Tea Party

    Speaking at the annual Western States Center gathering in Portland, Oregon, Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights vice president Devin Burghart explained how the Tea Party is the most threatening movement of white… more >>
  • People Land Truth

    People Land Truth -- a free anniversary eBook by Intercontinental Cry, with contributions from the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Sacred Land Film Project -- is now available. Supporting independent journalism for the… more >>
  • Aymara from Bolivia visit Center

    A delegation of education and cultural leaders from Bolivia sponsored by the US Department of State People-to-People Program met for a briefing at the Center for World Indigenous Studies on 3 July… more >>
    Translation to Spanish available!
  • Health Tribunal

    Luxury goods like gold are indeed beautiful, but the disease and death caused by their mining is not. On July 14 and 15, a People's International Health Tribunal will gather in Guatemala to discuss… more >>
  • Coping with Diabetes

    In her graduate thesis, CWIS associate scholar Renee Davis examines the cultural use of local plants to enable coping with diabetes and generational trauma in Salish tribal communities, and how… more >>
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