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  • Tea Parties and Treaty Rights

    With the Tea Party, Far-Right Christians, property rights and militia organizers teaming up to terminate tribal sovereignty, violent white supremacists are the only missing element in the national anti-Indian hate campaign… more >>
  • Life on the Line

    Paul de Armond, the former research director at Public Good Project, passed away yesterday. In 2001, Paul was presented the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force award for putting his life on the line organizing opposition to… more >>
  • Anti-Indian Strategy

    Right-wing media helps hate campaigns mobilize resentment into the electoral arena. A brief outline of how one right-wing radio station strategically stoked anti-Indian resentment against Lummi Indian Nation in March 2013 is instructive.
  • Anti-Indian History

    While national figures in the Anti-Indian network were featured speakers at the April 6 conference, the local organizer has a history of organizing Anti-Indian political violence. That history is both disturbing and well-documented.
  • Anti-Indian Conference

    Citizens Equal Rights Alliance meets in Washington State to mobilize regional resentment against American Indian tribal sovereignty. Water rights, casino gambling, land acquisition targeted. Local organizer has Christian Patriot militia ties.
  • Nation to Nation Now

    Livestream symposium from Toronto, Saturday, March 23. Learn about Canada's plan to terminate First Nations, and what First Nations are doing about it.
  • The Shadow of Colonialism

    In The Jurisgenerative Moment in Indigenous Human Rights, Kristen A. Carpenter and Angela R. Riley examine the growing global consciousness surrounding the international indigenous movement. In their paper, Carpenter and Riley… more >>
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