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Forum for Global Exchange


Fourth World nations the world over are at the center of global events. Whether the topic is health and healing one finds the ancient knowledge of Fourth World nations in the center of the debate. If the topic is climate change or environmental protection, that Fourth World nations occupy territories on which 80% of the world's last remaining biodiversity are located nations hold the key to how to preserve life on the planet.
CWIS has begun to organize a coalition of Fourth World Nations under the leadership of the San Francisco Xochicoatla (Mexico) to work for the implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The Mohican Nation, Pequot, Lenape (US), Biafra of Nigeria, Qom of Argentina and Rohingya of Burma have joined to endorse the CWIS drafted Joint Statement of Constitutional and Indigenous Governments presented to UN Member states and Fourth World Governments worldwide.
Great power politics between states' governments most often have Fourth World nations at the center of contests over wealth and power. Their strategic importance in each locality far outweighs their size.When Fourth World nations engage each other or states' governments they are involved in a GLOBAL EXCHANGE. This program aims to facilitate the exchanges between Fourth World Nations and between these nations and the various international states.It is the prospect of dialogue and negotiations between Fourth World Nations and their neighbors that remains the focus of this program.
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