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  • Native America: Discovered and Conquered

    Native America: Discovered and Conquered

    Professor Robert J. Miller, sits down for one full hour to talk about his book Native America, Discovered and Conquered: Thomas Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, and Manifest Destiny.

    Robert… more >>
  • Vancouver Mine Company Threatens Reindeer Herders in Sweden

    The Saami people say a mining project in Northeastern Sweden, proposed by a Canadian company, threatens their traditional way of life and violates their basic human rights, as recognized by the United Nations.
  • Tibet Third Pole

    Tibet's climate is changing, and fast.

    Called the Earth's Third Pole by scientists because only the North and South poles hold more glacially stored freshwater, the Tibetan Plateau is undergoing climate change three times as… more >>
  • Amazon Leaders Issue Ultimatum to Canadian Company

    Leaders from the Awajun and Wampis People, in the Cordillera del Condor region of Peru, issued an ultimatum on Aug. 25 giving Dorato Resources Inc. 15 days to leave their territory.

    The Awajun and Wampis say that Dorato, a… more >>
  • Earth's Fridge Defrosting, With Dire Results

    The rapidly warming Arctic region is destabilising Earth's climate in ways science is just beginning to comprehend.
  • Cree Aboriginal Group to Join London Climate Camp Protest Over Tar Sands

    Members of the Cree aboriginal peoples are to join the Climate Camp protests in the City of London this week in an attempt to draw attention to corporate Britain's "criminal" involvement in the tar sands of Canada.
  • The Berber Dance Is Over

    The satellite receiver has speeded up the process of wiping out the cultural heritage of Morocco's Berbers. Old traditions are now dying out under the influence of television imams.
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