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  • Ogoni Autonomy

    In a remembrance of Ogoni murdered during the 1967-1970 Nigerian civil war, MOSOP president Dr. Goodluck Diigbo announced the Ogoni people -- whose sovereign independence was violated by the British Empire in 1901 -- will seek… more >>
  • Freedom Train

    On April 30, First Nations will embark on a Freedom Train from British Columbia to Toronto, where on May 9, they will bring their message to the Enbridge stockholders' meeting that the Enbridge Northern Gateway project has been… more >>
  • New Guinea Council

    The New Guinea Council conference in The Hague examines the international documents related to West Papuan independence, and the process that was subverted by the Netherlands neglect of international law, as well as the subsequent… more >>
  • Maya TV

    What do you do when you need to communicate in 22 Indigenous languages to an Indigenous population that is 60% illiterate and does not speak Spanish? TV Maya.
  • West Papuan Leaders Jailed

    As West Papua declares independence, Indonesian troops fire on participants at peaceful celebration, and sentence Papuan leaders to three years in prison.
  • Federal Republic of West Papua

    The proclamation of the Federal Republic of West Papua has been registered with the UN Security Council. In order to receive international recognition of its independence from the hostile state of Indonesia, the FRWP will likely… more >>
  • Systemic Rage

    In his paper Colonialism and State Dependency, CWIS associate scholar Gerald Taiaiake Alfred -- professor at the School of Indigenous Governance at the University of Victoria -- discusses the disturbing mentalities, psychologies… more >>
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