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  • Conservation Coup

    As documented by Jonathan Latham, the greenwashing of rainforest liquidation is now a fait accompli. Having captured the boards of such notable NGOs as World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International and Nature Conservancy, the… more >>
  • Native Daughters

    In 1997, Ms. Magazine named Winona LaDuke woman of the year. Currently on the Ms. blog, they note the publication by University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communication of Native Daughters: Understanding… more >>
  • Nuking the Reserves

    As noted on Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, environmental racism in Canada mirrors that of the United States. Through deception, coercion and corruption, the government and nuclear industry in Canada promote indigenous… more >>
  • Backward Modern States

    Indian Country Today highlights the upcoming gathering of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, where the theme will be the Doctrine of Discovery, an outdated Christian colonial mandate that continues to plague indigenous… more >>
  • Tar Sands Psywar

    Intercontinental Cry's editorial on the psychological warfare waged by the Government of Canada and the oil companies mining the Alberta Tar Sands is instructive for activists engaged in trying to limit the harm of one of the… more >>
  • Indigenous World Conference

    Indigenous representatives from around the world meet today and tomorrow in Copenhagen to discuss participation in the planning for the 2014 UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.
  • A Powerful Voice

    In its review of online Indigenous Media in 2011, Intercontinental Cry showcases ten films from around the globe, and links to some of the online videos produced by indigenous peoples in years past. As a growing medium for… more >>
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