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  • Christian Racism Injustice

    Illegal candidate screening in US Department of Justice linked to Anti-Indian firings. 2006 purge of US Attorneys reveals Christian racism in Justice.
  • Seizing Native Land in Peru, One Parcel at a Time

    Activists in Peru are mounting various legal challenges to that nation's recently passed package of legislation, called ''forest laws,'' which they say will make it easier for authorities to break up indigenous communities and… more >>
  • Biafra Government In Exile (BGIE) Press Release - July 1, 2008

    Biafran government Prime Minister Emmanuel Enekwechi issued this press release concerning Zimbabwe's illegal elections.
  • Treaty Troubles

    Vancouver Island's first aboriginal treaty in more than 150 years is facing stiff opposition. Not from governments, or the many small towns and cities that border proposed settlement lands, but from neighboring First Nations.
  • NCAI Cancels Maine Meeting In Solidarity With Wabanaki Tribes

    The National Conference of American Indians has dropped out of a scheduled joint meeting in Maine with the National Conference of State Legislatures in solidarity with Wabanaki tribal leaders, and has issued a resolution urging… more >>
  • RIGHTS-CHILE: Growing Outcry Over Filmmaker

    There is growing international alarm over the arrest of Chilean filmmaker Elena Varela, who was taken into custody by police a month ago while working on an investigative documentary on the conflicts between lumber companies and… more >>
  • Travellers To Seek Legal Minority Status

    Travellers have voted unanimously to mount a national campaign demanding State recognition for travellers as a distinct ethnic minority group.
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