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  • Botswana Gives Bushmen Tough Conditions

    Botswana's government Thursday accepted a court order to allow the Bushmen, the nation's last hunter-gatherers, to live on their ancestral lands. But at the same time, officials imposed tough conditions likely to prevent most or… more >>
  • Natives of Guam Decry U.S. Expansion Plan

    A Pentagon plan for a massive military build-up on the Pacific island of Guam is meeting with resistance by ethnic Chamorros who live there and the Chamorro diaspora in the United States
  • Forest People in India Take War on Evictions to the Cities

    For many years the issue of tribal rights over forests remained low-key as petty officials collected bribes and chickens from tribals and in return allowed them to cultivate the fields. Now the same officials are busy carrying out… more >>
  • Indigenous organizations launch an appeal for peace in Malakal

    A consortium of indigenous organizations operating in Upper Nile State of Southern Sudan are shocked and dismayed at news regarding the serious fighting which took place in Malakal between the 24th and 29th of November, 2006. The… more >>
  • World gene-mapping project hitting snags

    The National Geographic Society's multimillion-dollar project to collect DNA from indigenous groups around the world in the hopes of reconstructing humanity's ancient migrations has come to a standstill on its home turf in North America
  • Massive land reform passed in Bolivia

    Bolivian President Evo Morales signed into law several progressive measures on Nov. 28, including a bill to reclaim tens of thousands of square kilometers of unproductive land from wealthy farmers
  • Indigenous People Gaining Ground (On Paper)

    For the first time ever, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has devoted a chapter to indigenous peoples in its annual Social Panorama report on the region
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