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  • 8th Fire

    8th Fire: Aboriginal Peoples, Canada and The Way Forward -- a radio and TV series of extended interviews with experts -- debuts January 7 on CBC Radio One, and January 12 on CBC-TV.. The interviewees include Assembly of First… more >>
  • Indigenous Peoples Directory

    Intercontinental Cry, a journal of indigenous struggles around the world, has launched a directory of indigenous peoples. In conjunction with plans to build on IC's format of videos, essays and commentary, this directory is… more >>
  • No REDD

    No REDD, an 85 page booklet published by indigenous and environmental organizations, highlights how this climate change fraud, perpetrated by the UN and transnational corporations, is destroying indigenous societies and… more >>
  • Garden of Truth

    Garden of Truth: The Prostitution and Trafficking of Native Women in Minnesota, published by Minnesota Indian Women's Sexual Assault Coalition in collaboration with Prostitution Research and Education, has been released. The… more >>
  • Separate and Unequal

    Real News reports from the West Bank, where, on Tuesday, Palestinian freedom riders boarded segregated settler buses. Reminiscent of the freedom rides in Mississippi Freedom Summer, the civil rights activists are also challenging… more >>
  • New Book by Rudolph Ryser

    To be published April 2012
    320 pages
    Published by Routledge

    In this volume Rudolph C. Ryser describes how indigenous peoples transformed themselves from anthropological curiosities into… more >>
  • TNCs and Human Rights

    As reported on Intercontinental Cry, the UN has established a working group to examine the behavior of transnational corporations within the framework of the international human rights regime. As globalization initiatives… more >>
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