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  • Confronting Canada

    Radio Canada International interviews CWIS associate scholar Taiaiake Alfred about the mainstream indigenous Idle No More movement, and the more radical traditional indigenous governance suppressed by Canada and the imposed Band… more >>
  • The Place To Start

    This year's White House Tribal Nations Conference, also known as the White House Tribal Nations Summit 2012, will be held on Wednesday, December 5. Hosting delegates from each of the 566 federally-recognized tribes in the United… more >>
  • Asserting Jurisdiction

    In this video from Mohawk TV, Cree lawyer Sharon Venne explains indigenous termination in Canada. Discussing the process by which Canada is alienating inherent indigenous governance from indigenous peoples, Venne notes the role… more >>
  • A More Peaceful World

    A lot of Wall Street money goes into promoting militarism as a wholesome endeavor, but much as their sentimental appeals overwhelm patriotic consumers' emotions, there is an illogic to the cult of violence that leaves the world… more >>
  • A Motivating Vision

    In this video on the Psychophysical Effects of Environmental Racism, CWIS associate scholar Taiaiake Alfred discusses a motivating vision to reconnect indigenous peoples with their ancestral cultures that resonates as authentic,… more >>
  • Amnesty Coup

    Twenty years ago, after CBS 60 Minutes reported on industry-sponsored, government-supported terrorism against environmentalists in the US, one of the industry-financed field agents was quoted in High Country News as saying his job… more >>
  • Trampling on the Treaties

    In Trampling on the Treaties, Chuck Tanner and Leah Henry-Tanner examine Washington gubernatorial candidate Rob Mckenna via his career as a public official opposed to treaty rights, as well as his working relationship with… more >>
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