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  • Communications in Conflict

    Communications in Conflict -- a collaboration of Public Good Project and Intercontinental Cry Magazine, under the creative direction of Wrong Kind of Green -- is now available as an e-book.
  • Conspiracism and the Indigenous Peoples Movement

    As an analyst of social conflict where democratic values are being challenged, I try to inoculate audiences targeted by social viruses like conspiracism. To illustrate this particular social virus presently infecting the… more >>
  • Indigenous Justice in the Andes

    In "Cambios en la Justicia Comunitaria y Factores de Influencia", Hans-Jürgen Brandt describes the changes in the indigenous judicial system in Peru and Ecuador during the last ten years. He finds that its reference norms… more >>
  • Fishable Waters

    In the Spring 2013 American Indian Law Journal, Catherine A. O'Neill examines what it means to indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest to have fishable waters. In her discussion of the fish and fishing peoples of Washington… more >>
  • Appropriations and Apparitions

    Elected tribal leaders in Canada and the US are governing authorities, but their authority is not exclusive. While their authority extends to matters delineated by Ottawa and Washington, the traditional governing authorities of… more >>
  • Indigenous Diplomatic Traditions

    Politics based on justice, diplomacy based on love is the subject of a recent article by Mississauga Nishnaabeg author Leanne Simpson in briarpatch magazine. "Even in a modern context," says Simpson, "treaties are a storied… more >>
  • Take These Tribes Down

    Charles Tanner Jr exposes the entrepreneurial wing of the anti-Indian movement in the US, and their current campaign to mobilize resentment against tribal governments. Following on the heels of my April 10 article at… more >>
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