The global focus on Biafra increases


"Don't Forget the Big Picture"
Oguchi Nkwocha, MD
Nwa Biafra

We read some of the most pitiful and petty posts and excuses here from those afraid of, hateful of, or plain un-informed about, the value of Self Determination for a people. That’s a pity. This year, 2007, let’s make sure that we sit down and take stock…

1) Our “mates” are building Space Crafts and exploring the Universe and passing on the spectacular knowledge to the world. We can do this, but some misdirected persons think we should still be fighting for and managing crumbs from the tables of feudalists and generally ignorant people foisted over us by one-Nigeria.

2) Our “mates” are manufacturing their own Pharmaceuticals and other Industrial chemicals. We have capable Biafrans: they could be harvesting natural Pharmaceuticals from our remaining forest stock; yet, we read some persons here with truly lame excuses about how our landmass is too small for us to actualize our own Nation.

3) Our “mates” are building Educational Institutions and Enlightenment Centers, and we certainly have Biafran people with the “right stuff”: we can equal and rival the rest of the world, but some persons here argue that it is enough to stay in smothering one-Nigeria where there are no schools and the curriculum has less educational content than dirt.

4) Our “mates” are building cars and other engineering edifices and structures. The first all-made-in-Africa automobile from plan to design to functioning model was built by a Biafran; but it was deliberately and maliciously ignored by Nigeria, because the ownership and honor belonged to an Igbo. Yet, that Igbo was stupid enough to insist on a one-Nigeria label and patronage, even though it was not forthcoming, and never came until disaster-sabotage struck, when his auto workshop suffered a mysterious fire which destroyed the original plans and design—the only copy. This is what we get for allowing ourselves to be subjected to “dumbing down” by one-Nigeria.

5) Many of you like Sports. Is there any Sport where Biafrans do not shine? Could you imagine the Biafran Soccer Team being other than number 1 or number 2 in the entire world? What about Field and Track? Who would be holding and breaking records there? Yet, we allow one-Nigeria to destroy the potential of our own people, and then, some here pretend that it is all okay. 

Take a look at the horizon of one-Nigeria: do you see any ray of hope? Do you see any other than what has pertained in the last 30 years or so? Be honest, and the answer is an unequivocal, No! That’s why we all need to support our masses now in actualizing Biafra. 

Folks: it just is not okay any more to allow this one-Nigeria dispensation to continue to rob us of our God-given talents and gifts. Even if we succumb to self-hatred which has infected a few of us, to the extent that we want to continue to allow the stifling of such talents, let us not forget that we owe it to the Giver to use such gifts, not so much for ourselves, but also for the benefit of God’s world. We can deceive ourselves all we want by allowing one-Nigeria to destroy our talents: we cannot deceive God; we will be judged and held accountable for not doing enough to recapture the right environment to best invest and use our talents.

Do not forget the big picture--not any longer!

Oguchi Nkwocha, MD

Nwa Biafra

A Biafran Citizen


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