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July 6th, 2007

You have heard the news; now, the analysis...

Fellow Biafrans:

We are encouraged by your steadfastness in our struggle to liberate our people and to take charge of our own destiny and take charge of running our own affairs, using the process of Biafra actualization, and working with the MASSOB agenda of non-violence, which will result in the Independence of Sovereign Biafra. We must therefore continue to say, THANK YOU!-a big "thank you," at that, because while we have refrained from violence, Nigeria and its agencies and agents have never stopped visiting all manner of violence including pre-meditated murder and mayhem and unjust imprisonment, with extreme prejudice, and in brazen display of murderous racist malice, on us.

Yet, you endured, undaunted. Just recently, the newly appointed acting Inspector General of Nigeria Police, in his first formal public statement, singled out MASSOB and declared that the Nigeria Police will go after MASSOB (and pro-Biafra activists, by extension), which is a continuation and re-formalization of the ongoing brutalization and annihilation of innocent Biafran children, youth, men, women and elderly, initially ordered by Obasanjo and carried out with bloody zeal since 1999 by the Nigeria Police as the lead-agency. As such, we do not need to remind you that this is a struggle for our life and our very existence-our existence as a race, as a people, as a culture and as individuals. If we slacken, we shall perish, for certain-Nigeria will see to that, gladly; if we stop now, we would have one foot already in our grave; if we do nothing, Nigeria will soon be pissing-with relish-on our mass grave, a grave which it made us dig and kicked us into, in the first place, and that's for sure. Our people stated it clearly in one of our proverbs: "...In the race for survival, tiring is not an option..." Neither is "retiring." Therefore, we-all of us-continue until we reach the goal of Biafra: it is a Moral duty; an Essential duty:
it's a matter of life and death-our life or our death. We thank you for remaining steadfast through the achievement of our goal of Biafra actualization.

Just in case anyone still has any doubts about the failure and failing of Nigeria, consider the current functioning-or lack thereof-therein. As usual, the unstable Monster called Nigeria teeters from one crisis to another. Obasanjo, who single-handedly corrupted, dictated and decided the entire fraudulent process and outcome of the last sham exercise called elections in Nigeria, is still in charge of the illegitimate government, making premature (and a mockery of) the gullible, comatose Nigerians' celebration of Obasanjo's earlier exit as the president of Nigeria. His hand-picked successor-puppet, Umar Yar'Adua, is behaving just as a puppet does. Bad enough. But, Yar'Adua, being the product of a fraudulent process by Obasanjo during his PDP primaries selection, and ending up thrust on as the "winner" and inheritor of a rejected fraudulent electoral process which he himself acknowledges as such, Yar'Adua has no Moral authority or Moral credibility. How does a person picked by and fronted by an arch-thief, then aided by the arch-thief, to acquire a loot, find the face or conscience to defend "ownership" of such stolen wares, or to claim that he will do good with the proceeds? In the meantime, the politics of Nigeria continues as what it has always been: a do-or-die fight for personal financial gain and power, an exclusive affair of the political class of which there is a total disconnect from the hapless peoples of Nigeria; wherein the politicians loot and squander funds and waste time on their posturing and jockeying and in-fighting among themselves, on their turf, leaving or doing absolutely nothing of benefit for the peoples, solving no problems that would help the peoples. Thus, the entirety of the politics of Nigeria is an expensive exercise of "Meta-Politics"-the politics of the politics of Nigeria's politicians and Nigeria's Political Class. So, if any efulefu should tell you to try to work with and within Nigeria to solve our problems-"to give Nigeria another chance," as they might put it-laugh them in the face; then, turn around, and spit on dirt: it is not even worth wasting your spit on them. There is only one tenable option and solution for our people: it couldn't be moribund Nigeria-never! That option and solution is Biafra.

To confirm that Obasanjo is still in charge, we see that Nigeria continues to hold innocent MASSOB members, including MASSOB leader, Ralph Uwazurike, in jail, without bail, without proceeding with a trial, even as that Obasanjo's puppet, Yar'Adua, has caused the release recently of the other remaining Political prisoner and Ethnic leader (the others having been released by Obasanjo himself earlier). For certain, having called earlier for the release of Asari Dokubo, we are happy to see him out of jail because he represents the interest of his people. By the same token, we are quite disappointed and extremely upset that the selective repression, oppression and humiliation of our people by successive governments of Nigeria continues, even under illegitimate Yar'Adua and his illegal administration, as symbolized by his selective exercise of deliberately keeping Ralph Uwazurike and other MASSOB members, including Uchenna Madu and other MASSOB officials, in Nigeria's jails. We continue our demand that Ralph Uwazurike, the leader of MASSOB, and all MASSOB members, be released unconditionally from Nigeria's jails, forthwith. The Right of Self Determination which these Biafrans exercise for us is a genuine and legitimate right: the exercise of such a right cannot and shall not be criminalized. The Right of Survival is a Natural collective and individual right which supersedes other legitimate rights; Biafra actualization, which MASSOB is pushing for, is such a right: it is a Moral imperative and a Moral duty.

Whatever Yar'Adua thinks he is gaining by continuing to carry out Obasanjo's evil orders and policies, including the above-mentioned incarceration of our people, he should be reminded, and ought to recall, that Nigeria has never scored any real victory anytime, anywhere: Nigeria's only victories are of the "pyrrhic" type-a bitter victory: "a victory won at such great cost to the victor that it is tantamount to a defeat." "Defeat" remains the real name and the ongoing fate of Nigeria and its apostles.

Biafra is our right. It is our place. We will have Biafra.

Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.

That's the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.


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