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Biafran citizen  meets with Senator Carl Levin

Cyril Ogbonna reports on a recent meeting with Senator Carl Levin addressed to the CWIS Chair, Dr. Ryser.

Dear Dr. Rudolph,
Thanks for all that you are doing for the liberation of the Biafran peoples.
As I discussed with you on the phone , the office of Senator Carl Levin is already doing a great deal to help bring awareness on the plight of the Biafran People ; thanks to your impressive letter that accompanied me to the meeting.
They said they will work out a meeting or appointment for the Director of the Biafra Foundation Dr. Emma, me and two other persons to meet with Senator Baroc Obama.
They also advised me to meet with Congresswoman Carolyn ' Cheek' Kilpartrick in order to work out means for Biafra Foundation to meet with the Black Congressional Caucus. When this is worked out , I advise strongly that you partake in that meeting. I will make the case for the involvement of the CWIS in the discussions.
The ladies in these pictures are Ms. E. Confer on the left, Deputy State Director and on the right is Ms. C. Woods the State Director to Senator Carl Levin.
Second from right is Mr. A. Micheli and at the middle is Mr. A. Chisolm , a former Administrative Court judge. I, Cyril am standing second from left.
Mr. Micheli and Mr. Chisolm are from my Catholic Parish and are friends of Biafra. 
We took the picture with the Biafran flag after the meeting and they gave their permission for us to publish it in your website (
I thank you on behalf of the Biafran Nation, for what you are doing and still to do in this honorable cause.

Yours truely,
Cyril Ogbonna.
Ambassador At Large (Republic of Biafra).


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