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Bianfran National Guard Sets Up Supreme Council
to Oversee the Legislative Function of
Biafran Shadow Government



According the power and authority bestowed on us from UN charters, AU charters on human and peoples' rights from article 20 to 23 which supported Biafra to have the unquestionable and inalienable rights to self determination for our free determination of our political status and pursuance of our economic, religious and social development according to the policy we have freely chosen without colonial interference or foreign domination be it polical economic or cultural.

Also from our Biafra charter and from UN general assembly resolution A/61/295 of September 13 and 13 2007 on indigenous peoples' rights declaration, which supported all the global indeginous people especially Biafrans with her Biafran Provisional Government which has two arms of government, Biafra Government in Exile and Biafra Shadow Government with all the above international legal backings, the peoples and the nation of Biafra make neither war nor peace with the people of state of Nigeria in re-affirmation of May 30 1967 independence of Biafra as our natural, popular, political, rights including UN charter and international laws which is the rights of self determination. That is why the Biafra Shadow Government was inaugurated in all Biafran territories (30 provinces) like Onitsha, Awka, Enugu, Calabar, Yenogoa, Port Harcourt, Bende, Edda, Aba, Owerri, Umuahia, Orlu, Bakassi, Uyo, Eket, Ogoja, Oji River, Nnewi, Okigwe, Anang, Abakaliki, Warri, Ahaoda, Agbor, Degema, Awgu, Nembe and Ezzikwo in order to end the state of occupation and subjugation by Nigeria of Biafra.

In all, the Biafra National Guard under the leadership of General Innocent Orji inaugurated the supreme council of administration, Provincial council of administration and District council of administration. One of the pioneer speaker of the council, Rear Admiral Nkuma Igbokwe commended the founding fathers of Biafra especially, Ezeigbo Gbururgburu, Dim Emeka Ojukwu for igniting the spirit of the struggle. He also called all the Biafrans in Biafraland and diaspora to be united and collectively support this Biafra Shadow Government nationwide as their own government andas one of the arms of provincial government of Biafra that will soon usher us into transitional government of Biafra etc. In all the inauguration, many things like the Biafra international passport, visa, resident permit, immigration/border pass etc were introduced, legalised and authorised.

Other BNG/BSG agenda is to unify all the Biafran groups in Biafraland especially MASSOB, BNG, Biafran Mandate, NDPVF, MEND, MOSOP, IYC, INC etc. to be in one umbrella for interim BSG to drive and to deoccupy all the Hausa/Yoruba one Nigeria forces/troops in all Biafraland. Again, recruiting BNG securities in all Biafra territorries to drive all our enemies that occupy Biafraland since 1970 till today through ground, air and sea assault with the help of Biafra Map.

We need your support because we are seriously prepared for the liberation for everlasting peace to reign.

May God help us and bless Biafra.

Long live Dim Ojukwu,
Long live Biafran National Guard,
Long live Sovereign Independent Republic of Biafra.

Mazi G.S.A Okoro General Innocent N Orji
Homebased Foreign Affairs Officer Leader, Biafra National Guard


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