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  • George Manuel–Leader Model Now


    Grand Chief George Manuel was born in 1921 and at the age of 68 in 1989 he died.   I had the great good fortune as a young man to catch up to this leader of American Indians in the last decade of his life. He was born in Secwepemc and project love of his homeland into… more

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  • Challenging Racism


    Lummi Nation planning commissioner Sharlaine LaClair, Democrat, will take on incumbent Luanne Van Werven in the general election for the 42nd district house of representatives in the Washington State legislature. In 2013, in her role as vice-chair of the Washington Republican Party, Van Werven facilitated money-laundering from the Cherry Point coal export consortium to the… more

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  • Killing Cockroaches with a Hammer


    Killing Cockroaches with a Hammer The United States and partner countries are attempting to kill ISIS with massive military weapons and troops. The US has failed to learn the lesson that you don’t try to kill a cockroach with a hammer. I suggest that the map released by the White House illustrating “ISIS Global Expansion”… more

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