Beautiful Children

Fourth World Eye

  • The Beautiful People


    Like his accomplice Naomi Klein, Tom Goldtooth was once a principled and articulate spokesman in opposition to Wall Street, until he was seduced by the dark money flowing from the oil industry into the non-profit industrial complex. Now, like Klein, he is a caricature of his former self, hobnobbing with the elite of the NGO… more

  • The Goldman Rule


    In case there was any doubt, power in the modern world is contingent upon control of oil. It was that way when Nazi Germany invaded North Africa, and when the United States invaded Iraq. Consequently, investors who control oil also control modern states, in Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. They bankroll politicians, media, and… more

  • A Clear Agenda


    As Cory Morningstar and Forrest Palmer report, the corporations that fund the non-profit industrial complex through tax-exempt foundations have a clear agenda, even though that agenda is obscured by the much-hyped show business of the so-called ‘activists’ on their payroll. For corporations like Unilever–owner of Ben & Jerry’s, as well as the “Fair and Lovely”… more

  • Dripping Lightning


    In Finnmark–located above the Arctic Circle in northern Norway on the Barents Sea–reindeer-herding is the core of Sami identity and culture. Challenges to the continuity of this 3,000-year-old culture include the petroleum industry, climate change, and the allure of cities. more

  • Trumplicans and Kleptocracy: The new Challenge


    Kleptocracy is defined as a form of government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed. Frequently kleptocracies are ruled by corporate business leaders or directly by corporate businesses. After 35 years of what seemed like a growing consensus among UN Member States that indigenous peoples’ rights should be… more