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Politics? Self-Government


CWIS drafted the Joint Statement of Constitutional and Customary Indigenous Governments that received the endorsement of eleven Fourth World governments in Africa, South and North America and Southeast Asia. The purpose of the Joint Statement was to respond to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues agenda in May of 2014. The topic was “indigenous [&hellip... more →

Comedic Relief: Scotland’s Bid


On Thursday, September 18, Scotland will take to the polls to vote “yea” or “nay” on a referendum to secede from Great Britain. A simple majority in the affirmative will result in Scotland becoming the newest independent state in the world–and further shrinkage to the remnants of the British Empire. Students of Fourth World theory [&hellip... more →

Wall Street’s Indians


With so much focus on the BINGOs and RINGOs promoting the climate week hoopla, their counterparts that comprise the indigenous wing of the non-profit industrial complex sometimes get overlooked. While not nearly as well-funded, foundation brokerages and money laundries that co-opt and corrupt indigenous activism — similar to the function played by TIDES for the [&hellip... more →

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RINGOs BINGOs Klein & Company


One week out from the climate week chaos, the anticipation of something historic — once again — generates a lot of noise, but not much learning. Learning will come later, after the groupie chatter and celebrity banalities subside. Like the Academy Awards, after the glitter and glamour of trite starlets like Naomi Klein begins to [&hellip... more →

Tangled Up in Blue


The Rockefeller Bros. Circus September 19-26 in New York City — beginning with the People’s Climate March — includes a “Massive Coordinated Direct Action Against Climate Profiteers.” So what do the celebrities behind this direct action to “Stop Capitalism and End the Climate Crisis” propose? Wearing blue. Seriously. And Beyond the March, the RINGOs (Rockefeller-influenced [&hellip... more →

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