Beautiful Children

Fourth World Eye

  • Impunity International


    In 2015-2016 Amnesty International supported–and continues to support—US and NATO military aggression in countries like Libya and Syria, which is bolstered by the public relations campaigns of Avaaz and Purpose–Wall Street-funded marketing agencies with deep ties to the very heart of the military industrial complex. Read more here. more

  • Freedom for West Papua


    International Parliamentarians for West Papua call on UN to send peacekeeping forces as prelude to a vote on independence from Indonesia, which invaded the country in the 1960s, and has murdered hundreds of thousands of Papuans since. more

  • Native Trauma


    Peter D’Errico reports that Native suicides reflect an infection of the soul by the disease of silent despair, an unresolved grief from the civilizing of Indians by Europeans. The ongoing loss of lands, resources, and ways of life, he says, leave Native communities in a state of perpetual mourning as each new generation is born… more