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Scottish Independence On Democracy Now!


Amy Goodman from the popular news program Democracy Now! today covered the topic of Scotland’s impending independence, slated for tomorrow. In the segment she interviews British historian Sam Wetherell and musician Billy Bragg, who has been writing on the topic of Scottish independence for several years. Many things are at stake, including Scotland’s oil production. [&hellip... more →

Sovereign Scotland and More


Scotland’s draft constitution begins with the words: “In Scotland, the people are sovereign.” The most basic decision a people can make is to exercise that sovereignty to govern themselves. On 18 September Scotland will decide its political future–to become free and accept the risks of a mature society or remain encumbered by a stodgy British [&hellip... more →

Politics? Self-Government


CWIS drafted the Joint Statement of Constitutional and Customary Indigenous Governments that received the endorsement of eleven Fourth World governments in Africa, South and North America and Southeast Asia. The purpose of the Joint Statement was to respond to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues agenda in May of 2014. The topic was “indigenous [&hellip... more →

Comedic Relief: Scotland’s Bid


On Thursday, September 18, Scotland will take to the polls to vote “yea” or “nay” on a referendum to secede from Great Britain. A simple majority in the affirmative will result in Scotland becoming the newest independent state in the world–and further shrinkage to the remnants of the British Empire. Students of Fourth World theory [&hellip... more →

Wall Street’s Indians


With so much focus on the BINGOs and RINGOs promoting the climate week hoopla, their counterparts that comprise the indigenous wing of the non-profit industrial complex sometimes get overlooked. While not nearly as well-funded, foundation brokerages and money laundries that co-opt and corrupt indigenous activism — similar to the function played by TIDES for the [&hellip... more →

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