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Rockefellers Divest from Fossil Fuels


On the heels of yesterday’s historic climate march (which according to some estimates drew nearly 400,000 people), today the Rockefeller Brothers Fund announced its new fossil fuel divestment campaign. Divestment is gaining serious momentum as a strategy to combat major social problems, most notably in apartheid Israel/Palestine. The Rockefeller Fund has joined other organizations (who [&hellip... more →

UN Adopts WCIP Outcome


With the Holy See and Canada opting out of Article 13 and Article 3 (respectively) the UN High Level Plenary Session of the General Assembly today adopted the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples Outcome Document (Resolution A/69.L.1).                           With about 200 indigenous peoples’ [&hellip... more →

Fellow Travelers


Garikai Chengu explains Islamic terrorism as a product of U.S. policy, funding and intervention on behalf of Israel, Wall Street and the military elite... more →

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Nations’ Independence – Taxation


Commentators and essayists throughout generations have often made the observation that( (I paraphrase here): States’ governments do not give up their power easily and the power they are least willing to give up is taxation.” The “No Vote” opposing Scotland’s independence yesterday confirms that when the leaders of Britain’s political parties joined in a common [&hellip... more →

WCIP Agenda Announced


Haudenosaunee Sachems, the Sami President, President of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples, representatives of each of the seven regions of Indigenous Regional Caucuses will stand a opening conference presenters and as “roundtable” participants with states’ government representatives during a day long session of the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples on 22 September at [&hellip... more →

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