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Letters from Readers: “Afghanistan is a “Fictive State”

Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2002 12:49 PM
Subject: I appreciate your website

Dear Mr. Rÿser and staff:

It was a pleasure to visit the CWIS homepage for the first time today. I appreciated reading your column about Afghanistan in the Sept. edition of Fourth World Eye, and will continue to explore your site.

I thought I would send you links to two publications that may be of use to you and your staff for upcoming research/reference, book reviews, or even as recommendations in your site’s “publications of interest” section. They are both about the history and culture of the Armenian people, and both publications offer background about the Turkish Genocide of indigenous Armenian people on historic Armenian lands. When you have the opportunity, I would welcome your thoughts on whether CWIS may have occasion to use such volumes.

For more about Armenia and the Armenian-Americans,

Keep up the fine work!

All best wishes,
Lucine Kasbarian

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