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Come the Fifth Sun: Grandmother and Grandfather Nations Prepare for the Next Great Cycle

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The Gregorian calendar is used by many peoples in the world. It became a part of the dominant ethos in only the last 90 years though it was fashioned by Roman Catholic Pope Gregory XIII in 1525. The world has many calendars that measure time and mark celestial events. The Hindus, the Han in China and the Egyptians all have calendars that predated the Julian Christian Calendar that was first used by the Romans 2000 years ago. The Mayans are recognized to have formalized a calendar about 2,250 years ago with a unique attribute: The calendar marks the relationship between the cosmos, the earth and human beings measuring the great cycles nearly twenty-thousand years earlier and an infinite amount of time into the future. Unlike the Christian Calendar that is based on a presumed date of birth for a single person and the Islamic Calendar that also points to the birth of a single person for a beginning date, the Mayan Calendar points to the beginning of a great celestial cycle when the earth, the sun and the center of the Milky Way Galaxy come into alignment. The Maya recognize the center of the galaxy as the birthplace of the people.

The Maya’s measurement of the Great Cycle describes the birth and rebirth of the sun as it takes 5,125 years to complete its celestial arc in space to once again align with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. On January 1, 1994 of the Gregorian Calendar DayKeepers responsible for comprehending the cycles of time measured in the Mayan calendars stepped from their caves in the Mayan Jungles and spoke to the world, the Mexican Government and to the Mayan people. They stepped forward to notify the world of the coming of the new sun and the need to enter into a process of renewal. They pointed to the need for Mexican authorities to recognize the right of self-determination and land rights of the Mayan peoples in all of Mexico, but particularly in the state of Chiapas. They warned the authorities that they would suffer from serious problems if they failed to pay attention to the words of the DayKeepers.

Marking the end of the Fourth Sun the DayKeepers pointed to the Winter Solstice of the Gregorian Calendar in 2012 or the Mayan Calendars date of That date is also the day on which the Fifth Sun will begin.

In the Gregorian Calendar month of December 1999 on the Solstice the Sun will begin a thirteen year phase during which it will progressively move each year closer and closer to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. It will also take thirteen years from that point to move through a phase away from the center. The solar/galactic alignment constitutes a 26 year period that defines the new era of the Fifth Sun.

The Fourth Sun beginning 5,112 years ago marked the beginning of the era of the Fourth World peoples, the era during which peoples experiment with the establishment of large cities, and farming. Fourth World peoples have demonstrated their knowledge of appropriate living in the forests, jungles, deserts, arctic regions, islands and virtually everywhere in the world. These are Fourth World peoples-the grandmother and grandfather nations from which all other human beings have been born. These ancient peoples hold very old knowledge of the era and all of the previous eras. Fourth World peoples are the wild seed of humanity holding the knowledge of the coming Fifth Sun.

In the Longhouse we will begin celebrating the ending of the Fourth Sun and the coming of the Fifth Sun in recognition of our collective connection to the great cycles of the living universe. The Solstice this winter is the beginning of this great process which transforms all of existence. Change embraces new and unexpected things and combines them with some of the things that came before. We recognize things from the past because some of them continue with us through time and space. We are also mystified by things around us because they never occurred before. The expected and unexpected play a powerful part in our identity and give us the sensation of creativity. Knowing and comprehending the great cycle and the coming of the Fifth Sun is an essential knowledge for Fourth World peoples. The DayKeepers have offered their insights for all to know, for all to understand. Look to the grandmother and grandfather nations who in their maturity willingly share knowledge. The ones who live rightly and renew over the next twenty-six years will become the Fifth World peoples.

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