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  • Ports and Treaties


    Lloyd Zimmerman for Port Commissioner: Most Important issue over 4 years? Stewardship and restoration of Bellingham Bay. Mitigating the negative impacts of Bakken Oil Trains and Coal Trains. They are monopolizing the railroad right of ways and risking everything for profits over the people of the Salish Sea. Point Elliott Treaty Violations by corporate interests [&hellip... more →

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  • Tribes Fight Coal and Oil


    As reported by Ashley Ahearn, tribal leaders from Washington, Montana and British Columbia gathered May 14 in Seattle to draw attention to the battle between the region’s tribes, and the coal and oil exporters whose plans threaten treaty fishing areas... more →

  • Earth Ministry and UU Events


    On May 14, Earth Ministry in Seattle hosts Pacific Northwest tribes threatened by proposed fossil fuel mega-projects. On June 27, Unitarian Universalist General Assembly meets in Portland, Oregon to host Lummi Nation in a ceremony of solidarity... more →

  • Just Say No to 350


    When 350 targeted Bolivia and The Peoples Agreement on Climate Change for subversion in 2010, it was an act of aggression with roots in the 2009 attempted coup — funded by the U.S. State Department — in reaction to the 2008 constitutional revolution of Bolivia’s indigenous peoples. The inspiration for the indigenous uprising, that saw [&hellip... more →

  • Aboriginal Music


    Singing an SOS for their traditional homelands... more →

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