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  • A Very Important Gift


    One of the tasks and obligations often overlooked in the frantic vertigo of modern life, is the act and ceremony of honoring those who bring honor and inspiration to others who struggle to tell the stories we need to survive. As an associate scholar of CWIS, I have been blessed by many mentors — intentional [&hellip... more →

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  • Collective Punishment


    I remember the shocking real-time film from the siege of Sarajevo, as well as the attendant world outrage that led to UN and NATO engagement with Serbia. Reading yesterday’s post by Palestinian Red Crescent physician Mona El-Farra about the siege of Gaza by the State of Israel, I couldn’t help comparing the senseless brutality of [&hellip... more →

  • In Their Best Interests


    In Living the Brand, a new article from the International Journal of Communication, Melissa Aronczyk of NYU offers an account of the strategies involved in the production of culture through the particular phenomenon of nation branding... more →

  • Human Shield


    Presently reading The Heart of the Sky, Peter Canby’s account of his travels among the Maya of Chiapas and Guatemala, I was disturbed this morning to read in the news of the stepped up violence by military and paramilitary forces in Chiapas against Zapatista communities and sympathizers. I wonder if an international human shield can [&hellip... more →

  • From Humble Beginnings


    Wampum recounts how Israel began 61 years ago by bombing hotels—long before it advanced to bombing refugee camps and other civilian terrain... more →

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