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  • Jarawa in India on Verge of Extinction


    Human safaris, the incresing pressure of resources depletion and development have been wreaking havoc on one of India’s most ancient tribes. A recent documentary illustrates some of the ares of tension. Outsiders need to start listening to what the tribes themselves have to say on matters affecting them and the existential questions that have to… more

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  • ‘Human Safaris’ in India


    Uncontacted until recently the Jarawa of the Andaman Islands in India are exposed to potential abuse. Disrespectful tourists come in droves to take photos and make illegal films of the Jarawa inside their homelands. As described in a recent article in the Guardian, human rights activists have protested that the government was “making a circus”… more

  • The Mystery of the Basques


    “A people that sings will never die-out.” This is the line recited at the end of the short documentary on the survival of Basque cultural identity. Unifying forces are described as well as the importance of boat building, linguistic and other factors that form the underlying elements on which the Basque ship of history has… more

  • Civilized to Death


    The short documentation, Civilized to Death, gives an in depth analysis of the social determinants of health among First Nation groups in Canada. Underlying mechanisms for consistent indigenous ill health likely hold true in other indigenous contexts. Part 1 Part 2 more