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  • WHO Admits to Not Have Done Enough


    “I hope this is a start of getting into a more intense contact,” the representative of the World Health Organization stated at the organization’s Geneva headquarters during a meeting with indigenous delegates from around the world on July 14th. ” You have to come see us, speak to us,” he admonished. “It is a two… more

  • Sharing Narratives for Better Health


    There is lots of power in indigenous knowledge holders coming together at international venues such as the conference on health promotion IUHPE currently taking place at Geneva. While in 2004 indigenous representatives still were not truly taking part in this important event, nowadays, after lots of indigenous lobbying there are many indigenous oral presentation sessions,… more

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  • Global Health Promotion


    The world is in the midst of a multiplicity of crisis, above all a `crisis of ideas.` We need a paradigmatic shift, an overall economic change, Dr. Sara Cook, Director, UN Research Institute for Social Development strongly emphasized in today`s opening keynote address at the 20th triennial World Conference of the International Union for Health… more

  • Dumping Waste & Pollutants


    New York Times columnist Frank Rich wrote,  “If Americans abhor poorly regulated deep-water oil drilling, wait until they get a load of nuclear waste on land with no regulatory agency in charge at all.” (Sunday, 20 June 2010, “Clean the Gulf, Clean House, Clean Their Clock”) While Rich was mainly concerned with motivating the Barak… more