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  • What is knowledge?


    This is a potent question at a time when Indigenous nations struggle to assert rights to intellectual property. But before we look at the economics and politics of knowledge in the post-colonial context, how about we examine basic assumptions. Western students very often comment: Why do Aboriginal societies restrict knowledge? My comment: What do you… more

  • Sustainable Colonisation…


    After visiting many old and several very new institutions of learning, as a person trained in the western academe I can use the very tools of western critical social analysis turned back upon the very places that opened my mind to critique of power relations in the first instance. Critical theory suggests that for power… more

  • Pandora’s Box Reveals Identity


    Watching the movie Avatar leads to many Indigenous perspectives on many contemporary issues, including the irony of a movie made for mass production and profits that speaks to enduring issues of colonisation, invasion, destruction of ecosystems, and disrespect to land, people, and the creatures who inhabit and make up the consciousness of a PLACE. Not… more