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  • Fourth World Center Stage


    If you have been reading the news online, viewing on the television or listening on the radio you may notice that Fourth World nations are at the center of major events around the world. These events involve the stability, continuity or integrity of international states and the state system. Russia’s expansionist initiatives feature Fourth World [&hellip... more →

  • Open Letter to Haudenosaunee


    {This note was originally written to Kenneth Deer, a noted spokesman for  Haudenosaunee in international affairs. I have decided to share its content more widely today in English and Spanish} After more than forty years of “preliminaries” culminating in the state’s governments endorsing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples it would appear [&hellip... more →

  • Nations to Independent States


    In the Fall 2014, Catalunya and Scotland will vote to determine if their nation will become an independent state. Many other Fourth World nations will look to see how these decisions unfold.  The nations of what was dubbed the Southern Sudan Autonomous Region of Sudan in 1972 suffered through civil wars with Sudan, established an [&hellip... more →

  • Terror for Terror

    Violence or the threat of violence against individuals and whole communities is justified now as defense against terrorism. The “other,” the “outsider” is justified as the target of one’s rage and optimal violence. Whether one is a Russian speaker in eastern Ukraine fighting the Ukraine army, Burmese Buddhists fighting Rohingya people, landowners attacking Otomi in [&hellip... more →

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  • UN Permanent Forum Documents 13th Session


    As many will know the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues held its 13th Session in New York at the UN Headquarters considering an extensive agenda over a ten day period from the 12th of May. The Center for World Indigenous Studies submitted the Joint Statement of Constitutional and Customary Indigenous Governments with eleven endorsing [&hellip... more →

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