Beautiful Children

Fourth World Eye

Artby - Heidi Bruce

  • What the Land Teaches


    The emerging field of conflict transformation attempts to move beyond technical approaches to conflict management that are over-ultilized in formal academia and international relations.   Rather than coercive peace agreements, compromises, and arbitrary border formations based on a “win-lose” ideology, conflict transformation invokes creativity and patience so as to arrive at a “win-win” outcome that may… more

  • Indigenous Campesino Movements


    In a recent YES! Magazine article entitled Beyond “Free” or “Fair” Trade: Mexican Farmers Go Local, Mike Wold highlights the devastating effects that NAFTA has had on indigenous campesinos (farmers) in Mexico and the creative agricultural and entrepreneurial responses they are choosing to assert.  By deconstructing the dichotomy between Free and Fair Trade, the article… more

  • Inter-species CO-OPeration


    The Great Laws of Nature, a video posted via Intercontinental Cry, highlights the positive, systemic effects that the revitalization of local, indigenous agriculture has had on the Muskoday First Nation.  In addition to asserting the benefits of healthier soils, plants, and people, the video demonstrates the cooperative relationship between humans and other species that is… more

  • Living Autonomy


    Sifting through the multitude of journals, articles, and blogs that emphasize the entanglement of challenges humans find themselves in with regards to the globalized food system can feel daunting:  a myriad of verbal iterations attempting to name and define that which feels broken, corrupt, and unjust.  Amidst this determined polylogue, one occasionally comes across a… more

  • Mexico’s “War on Drugs”


    Mexico’s violent “War on Drugs”, backed by the United States government and transnational corporate interests, has come to dominate global headlines, but behind the graphic images of mass graves and decapitated bodies, a lesser-known war against indigenous peoples is being waged.  Equally as worthy of local, regional and international attention, this war is steeped in… more