Beautiful Children

Fourth World Eye

Artby - Jay Taber

  • Hungry for Meaning


    The Klamath River tribal culture camp for youth on the Yurok Indian Reservation is designed to overcome the historical trauma of their grandparents and to guide the youth who are “hungry for meaning.” more

  • Law and Precedent


    Seattle Human Rights Commission denounces attack on treaty rights of Northwest Tribes by Washington Attorney General, Bob Ferguson. Most concerning is the racially tinged suggestion that treaty rights undermine democracy…Washington’s litigation stance offends both the treaty rights of Washington’s tribes, and their human rights, guaranteed in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous… more

  • Trump v NODAPL


    With assistance from the U.S. Department of Justice, Whatcom County Prosecutor David McEachran obtained a warrant to access confidential information on the Red Line Salish Sea (NoDAPL) Facebook page. more

  • Opposing Tribal Rights


    In an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of tribal sovereignty and resource protection, the Seattle Times editorial board conflates treaty fishing rights of Northwest Indians with undue political influence. Rather than acknowledge the jurisdictional interest pertaining to land and water use affecting salmon reproduction–retained by the tribes in the treaties with the US–the Times board… more

  • Honoring Dick Gregory


    In 1966, a Black entertainer named Dick Gregory went to jail for six months in Olympia WA for supporting Northwest Indians in their fight to keep their treaty-reserved fishing rights. A Puyallup elder recalls Gregory’s sacrifice. more