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Indigenous Nations of the World


In his article in Indian Country Today, Duane Champagne discusses the continuity and persistence of indigenous cultures and commitments to their own political forms. Recounting the evolution of nation states since the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, Champagne suggests the political complexity of the world, like diverse cultures and languages, should be embraced rather than [&hellip... more →

Official notice evidence of discrimination against Tibetans after protests


   Official notice evidence of discrimination against Tibetans after protests International Campaign for Tibet October 8th, 2008 Following nearly six months of protests across the Tibetan plateau since March, there is increasing evidence of ethnic tension and discrimination of Tibetan and Chinese people, due at least in part to misinformation and propaganda by the Chinese authorities that has [&hellip... more →

Preventing Elitism


It is perfectly natural that elites — those with special gifts and achievements — will rise to prominence. When these gifted people exercise noblesse oblige, they should be celebrated and rewarded with appropriate leadership responsibilities. Elitism, however — that phenomenon whereby elites use their gifts and achievements to deprive others of a decent life — [&hellip... more →

Collective Punishment


I remember the shocking real-time film from the siege of Sarajevo, as well as the attendant world outrage that led to UN and NATO engagement with Serbia. Reading yesterday’s post by Palestinian Red Crescent physician Mona El-Farra about the siege of Gaza by the State of Israel, I couldn’t help comparing the senseless brutality of [&hellip... more →

In Their Best Interests


In Living the Brand, a new article from the International Journal of Communication, Melissa Aronczyk of NYU offers an account of the strategies involved in the production of culture through the particular phenomenon of nation branding... more →

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