Beautiful Children

Fourth World Eye

Artby - Jay Taber

  • Co-opting Indigenous NGOs


    Ford Foundation propaganda at Indian Country Today is meant to co-opt indigenous NGOs in support of Wall Street-funded initiatives. As a supporter of World Bank mega-development on indigenous territories, Ford supports the corporate and state neglect of indigenous human rights. Dependence on Ford and its brokerage International Funders for Indigenous Peoples limits strategy. Learn more… more

  • Preventing Discursive Monoculture


    Sometimes I think IC Magazine readers fail to understand what is at stake in providing an Indigenous News Fund that would allow IC to remain independent from the aristocratic derivatives that have polluted the infosphere over the last decade. The transfer of wealth from public to private spheres in this century has ushered in an… more

  • Anti-Indian Reader


    Anti-Indian Campaign articles by Jay Taber and John Schertow at IC Magazine Anti-Indian CERA by Terri Hansen, Indian Country Today Media Network Anti-Indian Movement on the Tribal Frontier by Rudolph C. Ryser, Center for World Indigenous Studies Anti-Indian Movement articles by Charles Tanner Jr., Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights Drumming Up Resentment… more

  • Historical Trauma


    According to Medical Mission Sr. Katherine Baltazar, a psychiatric nurse practitioner for the Cheyenne River tribe, historical trauma undermines the core of community stability. A term coined by Native American social worker and mental health expert Maria Yellow Horse Braveheart, historical trauma “is cumulative emotional and psychological wounding, over the life span and across generations,… more