Beautiful Children

Fourth World Eye

Artby - Mirjam Hirch

  • ‘Human Safaris’ in India


    Uncontacted until recently the Jarawa of the Andaman Islands in India are exposed to potential abuse. Disrespectful tourists come in droves to take photos and make illegal films of the Jarawa inside their homelands. As described in a recent article in the Guardian, human rights activists have protested that the government was “making a circus”… more

  • 2011 White House Tribal Nations Conference


    President Obama in his recent speech at the White House Tribal Nations conference underlines the fact that “Native Americans face unemployment and poverty rates that are far higher than the national average” and acknowledges that solving these problems will take considerable time and effort. In his speech he announces he signed an executive order to… more

  • Traditional Knowledge and Modern Science


    Traditional knowledge is more and more in the focus of attention. Especially in the circumpolar North Indigenous knowledge it is acknowledged can be crucial to better understand the dynamics and effects of climate change. Collaboration between scientists and indigenous peoples on the ground has been increasingly brought about. A recent article based on findings published… more