Beautiful Children

Fourth World Eye

Artby - Mirjam Hirch

  • Personal Security


    Would you be willing to be a test subject in clinical trials for new pharmaceutical products? When I recently asked this question teaching a group of workers at a German company which offers clinical trial services the response was a quick and clear: “Never ever”. Who should be used as test subjects in clinical trials,… more

  • Power of Clear Thought


    The fight for survival demands such an incredible amount of time and energy that fewer and fewer people have enough strength left for problem solving, let alone creative endeavours. Instability and the lack of natural or monetary resources is omnipresent in many regions of the world. To experience the peace of mind which is so… more

  • Learning to Laugh: A Sign of Hope and Victory


    When did you laugh for the first time in your life? Probably you were too small to even remember. Can you imagine what it must feel like to have to learn how to laugh when almost thirty years of age? What to babies is a very natural instinct and one of our basic necessities of… more

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  • Selfish Brain Theory


    Alternative approaches to healing obesity and diabetes are gaining more and more interest and understanding in Europe. The principle of enacting self determination to regain control over one’s health is emphasized within the western medical system to achieve a better state of well being. Recently one of the biggest studies ever conducted in the USA,… more

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  • Creative Funding


    The art of financing is a highly complex product of human creativity. Undoubtedly those of us who are masters of this art can be extremely influential. Especially so in the area of so called “development” aid. Unfortunately, where art and politics meet the potential “beauty” of possible positive results to behold in that area remains… more

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