Beautiful Children

Fourth World Eye

Artby - Mirjam Hirch

  • All over there are People Starving to Death


    Shocking figures. There are over one billion people who are dangerously obese in the world. At the same time there are people who simply do not have anything to eat. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 850 million people worldwide are undernourished which is about every seventh person, mainly children.… more

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  • Enriching Our Worlds


    The world is full of wonders. All we have to do is explore, see and feel with all our heart and senses wide open. Continously we will discover something “new.” This is a very exciting experience. It enriches our personal worlds with beautiful forms tastes and colours and makes us re-experience the amazing novelty of… more

  • Big Bucks: “Legal” Battles


    When fighting for human rights and justice indigenous nations use the legal system imposed upon them by the settlers. After decades or centuries of dealing with these systems  indigenous nations are much better equipped to protect their interests. More and more indigenous scholars are very familiar with the western judicial system after running through western… more

  • The stellar role of little bear


    To many cultures Little Bear (Latin: Ursa Minor) was the Hole in which the earth’s axle found its bearing, the constellation most commonly associated with Polaris, the North Star. Most inhabitants of the northern hemisphere connect little bear with teddy bear, a stuffed toy bear, honest and comforting companion able to turn into a living… more

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  • Discovering Indigenous Europe


    Famous Roman myths and legends are considered true reality, historic facts in Europe. On the Palatine Hill, the centermost of the Seven Hills of Rome, Italy, archaeologists have discovered one of the most sacred mythological places of Western Civilization: The holy cave. There, as legend has it, Romulus and Remus the two founders of the… more

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