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Indigenous knowledge and value


Western knowledge is a commodity that is sold only to those who can afford access. Young people today look at the internet and think, of course knowledge is free! Look at the web! But knowledge of any sizable integrity costs. This is true in all societies in one sense. If you seek knowledge from the [&hellip... more →

What is knowledge?


This is a potent question at a time when Indigenous nations struggle to assert rights to intellectual property. But before we look at the economics and politics of knowledge in the post-colonial context, how about we examine basic assumptions. Western students very often comment: Why do Aboriginal societies restrict knowledge? My comment: What do you [&hellip... more →

The Cultural Vortex of Modernity


Many commentators including Indigenous scholars have continually raised the issues that settler-invader societies in Australia, Canada, the USA, and other synthetic nation states built on the backs of native people and their lands are culturally troubled. Many have called this trouble the postmodern era, expressive of a meaningful vortex – the absence of morality, connection, [&hellip... more →

Identity, prejudice and healing


The work of Professor Judy Atkinson in Australia has moved forward a scholarship and practice around what she has called ‘educaring’ as a distinctly Indigenous approach to what may be thought of as a combination of education, therapy, counselling, and community-based social work. The latter constructs are easily identified from mainstream systems that have evolved [&hellip... more →

Wholistic Medicine


While the dominant discourse relies on codes and categories that separate for ease of analysis, Indigenous models of knowing rely on awareness of the whole. This awareness is spoken through stories, teachings, and medicines that are interwoven in the language, meaning, and spiritual life of the People. This awareness is lived and known, interacted with [&hellip... more →

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