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United Nations’ SBSTTA Cautions Synthetic Bacteria, Geoengineering Research and Use


In lieu of the latest developments in self-replicating synthetic bacteria cell production at the J. Craig Venter Institute and Silver Lining’s Cloud Whitening Technology development, the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA) expressed concern and urged caution in the use of these new technologies at a recent meeting in Nairobi. Many of [&hellip... more →

The Biocultural Dimensions of Forest Regeneration in Madagascar


Photo: M. Pykkönen The Stockholm Resilience Center recently covered a study of forest regulation and regeneration in Madagascar. The study, just released in the new book Reforesting Landscapes (Springer, 2010), looks at the interaction of social and ecological processes and how the southern dry forest was able to regenerate. In this case, taboos, informal rules [&hellip... more →

BP Gulf Oil Spill and Louisiana Tribes


Aside from the ecological devastation caused by the BP Gulf Oil Spill in the ocean, tribal lifeways of South Louisiana are also at risk. This leaves members of the Pointe-Au-Chien tribe angered over receiving no compensation for decades of providing oil and gas companies with the natural resources they required to prosper. This also leaves [&hellip... more →

Bill Gates and the Geoengineering Leap


Microsoft founder Bill Gates is now providing funding for “Cloud-Whitening Technology”, according to an article in The Ecologist last week. Silver Lining, a research group based in San Francisco and the recipient of the Gates Foundation’s $300,000 award, will begin research of technology that will convert sea water into microscopic particles to be sprayed into clouds. According to The [&hellip... more →

Women, Resilience, and Global Peace Movements


The Institute for the Future recently issued their Ten Year Forecast, released at the Ten Year Forecast in Sausalito, CA. Along with materials from the retreat, on the website I happened on a post by TYF Program Manager Tessa Finlev, “Increasing Global Resilience: Women Becoming Key Players in Peace Movements.”She dutifully notes the lack of media [&hellip... more →

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