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Energy Transition-Draconian Measures


Fourth World nations in the United States, Canada and throughout the Americas have often sounded the alarm about industrial waste, pollution of the environment and the need to slow demand for petroleum, electricity and coal. Why have nations indigenous to the Americas been so persistent in their calls for slowing the process of growth? Every [&hellip... more →

The Anbar Solution to al Qaeda in Pashtunistan


Six months before the “American Surge” in Iraq…that escalation of troops in Baghdad that many credit for reducing violence in Iraq…Sunni tribal forces became the real reason for removing groups sympathetic to al Qaeda gangs from Anbar Province. There is a lesson here for defeating al Qaeda: support the local indigenous leaders to stabilize and [&hellip... more →

American Afghan Escalation–Russia’s Mistake


The American Democratic Party presidential nominee Barak Obama urges increasing US troop deployments in Afghanistan by two or three divisions. US Pentagon officials also suggest such an escalation. Such an increased commitment will be a serious mistake. Just as the US occupation in Iraq is primarily a political problem and not a military problem, so [&hellip... more →

Biafra, the Oil Crisis and a Rebuke of the UK


Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Monday 14 July that his government will extend security assistance to the Nigerian government in Biafra’s disputed region of the Niger Delta. The Ijaw and Ogoni peoples have suffered from oil induced environmental disasters and poverty for years while corrupt Nigerian government officials and business lords reap great wealth [&hellip... more →

Waging War on Pashtun, Nations as Cannon Fodder


The North Atlantic Treaty Alliance (NATO)  is carrying on a war in Afghanistan that looks suspiciously similar to a war the Russians waged for ten years in the same country. Then the United States government surreptitiously provided funding and training to a rag tag collection of fighters opposed to the Russian invasion providing them with [&hellip... more →

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