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US Indian Health Care Fails


The US Indian Health Services has compacts with scores of Indian nations and its services cost too much while its services miss the target of exploding chronic diseases. Diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, depression, suicide and cancers are among the growing number of chronic diseases exploding across Indian Country. More than 75% of the cost of [&hellip... more →

A Place at the Table


After the First Session of the new round of talks on Climate Change ended last year in Bali, Indonesia a press reporter lamented the absence of the voice of indigenous people at the table.  Noting that indigenous peoples around the world suffer directly from the adverse affects of industrial carbon emissions and other global warming [&hellip... more →

Diplomatic Preemption of Environmental Conflicts


The Kansas City Star reported today what has for sometime been observed by scholars and diplomats: climate change, especially rapid changes are changing environments in such a way as to force whole populations to move into each other’s territories…thus giving rise to greater competition for foods, space and water.  The competition grows into conflicts and [&hellip... more →

High Tech Gas Emissions Threaten Life


The manufacture of liquid crystal television screens, microcircuits and photo voltaic cells for solar panels produces the deadly gas nitrogen trifluoride–a gas released into the atmosphere 17,000 times more deadly than carbon dioxide. Scripps Institution of Oceanography scientists led by Ray Weiss point to results of a study that concludes how high technology industry gas [&hellip... more →

The Failure of Anti-Terrorist Militarism


The US government on Tuesday, 21 October 2008 without explanation dropped all war crimes charges against five men who have been held without trial at the secretive prison at Guantanamo, Cuba. As if caught in Sisyphus-like existence for an eternity, the American government created a black hole into which mostly victims of vigilante justice have [&hellip... more →

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