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Forest Gardening and BioCultural Diversity


Global biological and cultural diversity are essential to the Earth’s health, and ancient native “forest gardening” practices are of major importance to promoting such diversity. The Kuikuro people of the Upper Xingu region of the Brazilian Amazon are apparently the descendants of a remarkable civilization that built a complex of hamlets and villages around a [&hellip... more →

Celebrating Corporations and Culture


Bankers are celebrating a big corporate marriage today in Frankfurt. It is worth 9.8 billion euros (14.4 billion dollars). The deal is made between Germany’s second-largest and third-largest banks, Commerzbank and Dresdner Bank creating a company to rival Germany’s biggest bank, Deutsche Bank and leading to job cuts of up to 15,000. Under the shadow [&hellip... more →

Let the Games Go On – perfection


There are usually three ways people think about the Olympic Games no matter which state government hosts: Power Politics, Athletics and Corporate Greed. Athletics is the purest of these with a motive uplifting to humanity. The vast majority of athletes engaged in Olympic contests have worked to achieve excellence…the kind of excellence one imagines achievable [&hellip... more →

Living Inside the Box


It is a rich ghetto. Block-type, closed- shaped buildings form a concrete jungle of cold steel and glass constructions: Living in a Bock’s in newly developed little SoHo, Deutschherrnviertel, in Mainhatten, Bankfurt, alias Frankfurt on Main, Germany. The incarnation of a trendy locale, modern lifestyle- the urban principle of the global city.Functions are mixed: living [&hellip... more →

In Their Best Interests


In Living the Brand, a new article from the International Journal of Communication, Melissa Aronczyk of NYU offers an account of the strategies involved in the production of culture through the particular phenomenon of nation branding... more →

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