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Isolated Incidents


Three recent news items caught my eye this week. One on Canadian mining corporations supporting murderous dictators around the globe, another on Yahoo selling the IDs of four dissident writers to the Chinese government, and a third on India‘s plans to clear indigenous people from the landscape. While none of this is especially surprising or [&hellip... more →

The stellar role of little bear


To many cultures Little Bear (Latin: Ursa Minor) was the Hole in which the earth’s axle found its bearing, the constellation most commonly associated with Polaris, the North Star. Most inhabitants of the northern hemisphere connect little bear with teddy bear, a stuffed toy bear, honest and comforting companion able to turn into a living [&hellip... more →

Human Need and Nature’s Capacity to Restore


In Canada and the United States about 5% of tribal economies are so-called “informal.” In Mexico about twenty percent of the indigenous community economy is considered by conventional economists as “informal.” In various other parts of the Americas, like Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Columbia, and Peru that portion of indigenous communities that is not specifically measured [&hellip... more →

Political Illiteracy


In his December 1990 report Right Woos Left, Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates examined neo-fascist overtures to antiwar activists, and the need to confront rightist ideologies and bigotry by discussing the dilemmas posed by the transfusion of right-wing theories and research into progressive circles. Based on these discussions, Mr. Berlet wrote the book Right-Wing [&hellip... more →

Discovering Indigenous Europe


Famous Roman myths and legends are considered true reality, historic facts in Europe. On the Palatine Hill, the centermost of the Seven Hills of Rome, Italy, archaeologists have discovered one of the most sacred mythological places of Western Civilization: The holy cave. There, as legend has it, Romulus and Remus the two founders of the [&hellip... more →

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