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Let Kurds have Kurdistan


Kurdistan is a country of about 25 million people living under occupied control of five different states. While the Kurdish autonomous government in Northern Iraq exercises considerably more domestic authority over their part of Kurdistan, Kurdish peoples under the control of Turkey and Iran suffer from discrimination and violence at the hand of these states. [&hellip... more →

On the Warpath


In this 2005 Mother Jones article by Julia Whitty, we meet Blackfeet Nation banker Elouise Pepion Cobell, who has made it her mission in life to recover the $176 billion of Indian trust fund money lost, looted, and mismanaged by the U.S. government. 40 years into her battle with the Department of Interior, this great-granddaughter [&hellip... more →

Corporate Socialism and the Rape of Nature


In the early 1970s corporations throughout the world and particularly those based in the United States began to stretch their wings trying out their relatively new identity as “persons” under the law. This came after years of recovering from strong government controls. John D. Rockefeller’s oil monopoly of the late 1880s was quashed by a [&hellip... more →

Indigenous Identity


As an American, I think indigenous identity is something diasporaed Europeans are still getting a handle on, and it seems to help to communicate with our still-rooted relations on the peninsula and islands even if we haven’t managed to travel there in person. Having had the good fortune to do so, though, I find it [&hellip... more →

Autonomy, Self-government vs. Power and Wealth


Fourth World nations throughout the world, after more than fifty years of struggle against forces of power and money, push now for autonomy and the power to govern themselves and their territories. Some nations such as the Naga in Northeastern India, Karen in eastern Burma, Papuans claimed by Indonesia, Chechens claimed by Russia, nations in [&hellip... more →

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