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Chevron, an outlaw corporation?


Chevron is one of the largest corporations in the world and one, many people on the ground say, an irresponsible outlaw. Today a court in Ecuador found the Chevron corporation guilty of irresponsibly causing damage to indigenous peoples, their territory and life in the jungle by extracting oil and then leaving hazardous waste in the [&hellip... more →

Food Security Overseas and at Home


Perhaps 1 billion or more of the world’s population suffer from material poverty and hunger with sixty-five percent of those living in just seven countries (WFP, 2010) [India, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Ethiopia] according to the United Nations World Food Program. Sixty percent of those who lack sufficient food [&hellip... more →

Market-Based Climate Schemes: Rejected


Indigenous peoples’ representatives in Cancun, México have flatly rejected the market-based approach to global warming called REDD (United Nations Reduction of Emissions for Deforestation and Forest Degradation). Thousands of indigenous peoples’ organization members and supporters marched in Cancun in front of Moon Palace where Climate Change delegates were meeting to make the point that the [&hellip... more →

Taxing Tribal Resources


States’ governments like the US, Canada and Mexico are looking for new revenue sources that can be tapped without much political blow-back from voters. Tribal natural resources and economic activities inside tribal territories are increasingly the targets of legislator seeking to prop up the sagging states’ government revenues. Tribal resources have always been extremely valuable [&hellip... more →

US Swings “Right”: Indigenous Peoples’ Warning


The US government has been generally hostile to indigenous peoples for most of the last 45 years in the international arena.  Their concern? “Indigenous peoples may want to invoke political self-determination and split their territory off from the US or other existing states.” Evidence of US hostility is born out by succeeding administrations opposing the [&hellip... more →

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