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The light footprint of indigenous west Mexico


Imagine if you will ships toweringly loaded with oyster shells and vessels traveling the Pacific Ocean carrying textiles, wood, ceramics and copper and tin and you might think such sights not unusual at all. But, imagine that these ships are made of balsa wood and the oysters are a variety of pink, red and white [&hellip... more →

The Politics of Hunger


“Hunger is a political problem. We have enough food. It is not a question of doubling the amount of supermarkets. The question is how much money it takes to buy food,” recently explained in a Berlin speech Olivier de Schutter, a law professor, human rights campaigner and the UN’s new top advisor on food. Sure, [&hellip... more →

Addressing Balance in Bolivia


Originally posted 2008-07-26 10:14 am The battle between the “haves” and the “have-nots” has been joined as Bolivia begins to consider fundamental changes in that country’s constitution. Originally designed to disenfranchise the majority indigenous populations and confirm power in the hands of the fewer descendants of conquistadors and immigrant settlers the present Constitution leaves the [&hellip... more →

Bolivia’s Wealthy Minority Brings New Crisis


Manuel Rozenthal (Manuel Rozental <>) sent this dispatch on the growing political crisis in Bolivia. As I have discussed in earlier posts what happens between the minority wealthy and indigenous people majority in Bolivia will say volumes about the future of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. New laws in states with [&hellip... more →

Social Networks


Despite expressed rejection by the German public, it was decided two days ago that the German national railway company, Deutsche Bahn is to be partially privatized.German Railways is the world’s second largest transport and logistics network and the largest rail transport company in Europe. The planned privatization was subject of a highly controversial political discussion [&hellip... more →

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