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Obama Government and Africa’s Wars


Change is in the air all over the world.  The Dalai Lama is going into semi-retirement leaving the political future of Tibet in the hands of 73 year-old Primer Minister Samdhong Rinpoche; creating a new opening for the Peoples’ Republic of China to negotiate political autonomy for Tibet. French government President Sarkosy has taken the [&hellip... more →

Charter: Engagement in the Future of Tibet


 Dear Colleagues, The Charter was created by Tashi Rabgey la, an extraordinary Tibetan woman who built two schools for 410 children of Kham on the Tibetan Plateau through Machik  Dr. Losang Rabgey la is her sister and director of Machik.    Charter for Engagement in the Future of Tibet  THIS WE KNOW We live in [&hellip... more →

A Place at the Table


After the First Session of the new round of talks on Climate Change ended last year in Bali, Indonesia a press reporter lamented the absence of the voice of indigenous people at the table.  Noting that indigenous peoples around the world suffer directly from the adverse affects of industrial carbon emissions and other global warming [&hellip... more →

Tibet Day 2008


Greetings All, Tibet Day 2008 is promising to be a remarkable event. Come enjoy Tibetan food, song, dance, vendors and related nonprofit organizations. Find out the next stage of the Tibet movement in the Bay Area and beyond. Please check out for our press release and flyer for the event.  Below, are some outstanding Tibet-related organizations that we are [&hellip... more →

Diplomatic Preemption of Environmental Conflicts


The Kansas City Star reported today what has for sometime been observed by scholars and diplomats: climate change, especially rapid changes are changing environments in such a way as to force whole populations to move into each other’s territories…thus giving rise to greater competition for foods, space and water.  The competition grows into conflicts and [&hellip... more →

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