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The Anbar Solution to al Qaeda in Pashtunistan


Six months before the “American Surge” in Iraq…that escalation of troops in Baghdad that many credit for reducing violence in Iraq…Sunni tribal forces became the real reason for removing groups sympathetic to al Qaeda gangs from Anbar Province. There is a lesson here for defeating al Qaeda: support the local indigenous leaders to stabilize and [&hellip... more →

Hard Choices and Climate Change


The United Nations has convened and scheduled numerous meetings to address remedies to reduce the effects of Global Warming and needed human adaptations in response to impending climate change. The latest of these meetings has just ended in Bangkok, Thailand under the name: Adhoc Working Group – Climate Change. States’ governments are beginning to consider [&hellip... more →

Open Letter on Tibet – UN High Commissioner


Guest Contributor: Dr. Amy Eisenberg {Editor: An Open Letter to the Director of the United Nations Office of the Commissioner on Human Rights by CWIS Associate Scholar Dr. Eisenberg offers an important plea for UN intervention.} His Excellency Louise Arbour High Commissioner for Human Rights UNOHCHR Dear High Commissioner Arbour and Partners in International Human [&hellip... more →



The Peoples’ Republic of China aggressively conducts a policy toward Fourth World nations that can only be described as “genocidal.” China must be held accountable for its attacks on Tibetans seeking their independence from Chinese assimilation. China must be held accountable for its attacks on Uyghurs seeking an independent East Turkestan from Chinese assimilation. China [&hellip... more →

Africa’s States Crumble


Kenya is aflame with internecine tribal warfare. Sudan is split between the Arab controlled government, the Dinka, Fur, Nuba, and Nubian peoples. Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, the Congo, and Chad have been equally faced with violence and warfare. Namibia battles separatist tribes in the northeast, and Zimbabwe’s government promotes division and violence against Zimbabwe’s various peoples. [&hellip... more →

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