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US set to work with Pashtunistan


US President Barack Obama announced in sweeping terms a subtle policy switch that may well lead to a near-term settlement of the conflict in Afghanistan/Pakistan where the al Qaeda organization has held out for seven years. The US government will reach out to headmen and clans in Pashtunistan in an effort to make that nation [&hellip... more →

Nations are Governing Authorities, Not NGOs


On 13 September 2007 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Like other UN declarations adopted in the past, the UNDRIP elevated an obscure…no invisible…matter of domestic concern to the level of international concern. In the forty years it took to achieve the UNDRIP the [&hellip... more →

Fourth World in 2009


At this point in the Christian calendar one is supposed to make sage observations about what is likely to occur in the twelve months ahead.  This is, of course, the usual practice.  I thought about this practice and then began to consider what ought to happen in the next twelve months…as a result of actions [&hellip... more →

Obama Government and Africa’s Wars


Change is in the air all over the world.  The Dalai Lama is going into semi-retirement leaving the political future of Tibet in the hands of 73 year-old Primer Minister Samdhong Rinpoche; creating a new opening for the Peoples’ Republic of China to negotiate political autonomy for Tibet. French government President Sarkosy has taken the [&hellip... more →

Charter: Engagement in the Future of Tibet


 Dear Colleagues, The Charter was created by Tashi Rabgey la, an extraordinary Tibetan woman who built two schools for 410 children of Kham on the Tibetan Plateau through Machik  Dr. Losang Rabgey la is her sister and director of Machik.    Charter for Engagement in the Future of Tibet  THIS WE KNOW We live in [&hellip... more →

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