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  • Monoplists, Public Policy and Indigenous Rights


    The World Trade Organization is essentially the world’s “chamber of commerce” sanctioned by states’ governments to regulate public policy. It is now quite commonly accepted in the assemblies of government that when public policies (health, education, economic, human rights, indigenous rights, etc) prevent profit or reduce profits for a corporation (read trans-state corporation) the policy… more

  • North-South Climate Debate and IPs


    Thirty years ago the United Nations was at the center of what was called the “North-South Debate.” The so-called poor countries and rich countries wrestled over demands by poor countries for rich countries to send some of their wealth to help them with economic struggles and environmental degradation. The poor countries (mostly former colonies of… more

  • Countdown to Copenhagen: Adapt or Perish


    Changes in plant and animal life, topography, glaciers, oxygen levels in the ocean, extreme changes in the weather and changes in human health can either be a product of human activity affects (CO2 and other greenhouse gases for example or they can be just a part of the grand cycle of earth changes.  Either way,… more

  • Turkey steps cautiously toward Kurds


    Fifteen percent of the people located inside Turkish-claimed territory are Kurds.  The Kurdish people actually live in a territory interrupted by the borders of five different countries: Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Armenia. Maimed, maligned, and marginalized for generations the Kurdish peoples have steadfastly maintained their social, economic, political and cultural identity as a people… more

  • China’s Wild West Force in East Turkistan


    Uyghurs are a distinct people with their territories claimed by the Peoples’ Republic of China. They are largely practicing Muslims and speak their own language. For more than sixty years the Uyghurs have agitated against the growing domination of their territory by Han-the majority population in China. The Chinese government enforces school instruction in Mandarin… more