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Stirring the Pot in the “Stans”


The NATO coalition operating in Afghanistan and the US Central Intelligence Agency operating in Pakistan are engaged in a war against a non-governmental organization (al Qaeda) and against non-state warriors (Taliban). Hundreds of combatants are being killed while thousands of civilians are also being killed. The unintended consequence of such mayhem?–growing opposition to NATO and [&hellip... more →

Corporate Violence Continues


There has been no greater challenge to the life, territory, culture and very existence of Fourth World peoples than that presented by the greed and impunity of unregulated resource extracting corporations. Royal Dutch Shell Oil corporation negotiated an out of court settlement of a 15 year lawsuit initiated by the New York City-based Centre for [&hellip... more →

Deadly Conflicts in Peru’s Amazon


Indigenous groups do not want to accept plans that could completely change the way they hunt for food and raise crops. Development of the Amazon is a matter of life and death to the indigenous groups who have land titles to most of the areas coveted by companies for oil exploration. The cultural survival of [&hellip... more →

UN Permanent Forum 8 -NY


UN Headquarters, New York City - Today is the third to the last day of a two-week session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues meeting in Conference Room 4 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.  Perhaps two-hundred delegations are attending from mostly indigenous organizations representing sometimes many communities. Most [&hellip... more →

War Crimes are War Crimes


After reading and listening to columnists and television and radio commentators twist and turn their words to argue against holding US officials accountable for torturing of detainees under the control of the CIA and the US Defense department I now understand how it was possible for Germans to turn their attention away from the genocidal [&hellip... more →

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