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Libya, A Broken State


When as state is broken (meaning it cannot control its borders, its laws are not universally observed, there is a central government that exercises sovereignty over the territory, but is fragmented, and it fails to have a single military or police capacity to protect the borders and secure the population), then the international community has [&hellip... more →

North Africa Aflame – Indigenous Nations at the Center


From Tunisia to Egypt to Yemen, and Libya the untold story fundamental to the unrest is about the hundreds of indigenous nations, communities and groups that have suffered long suppression by dictators.  Libya is a clear example of a state where a leader of one small indigenous nations–the Gaddafi Tribe centered in the city of [&hellip... more →

Pashtun Taliban Talks and the War with No End


The Pashtun Taliban have many different groups among them fighting against NATO forces in Afghanistan. Some of these troops are now secretly engaged in talks with the Americans.  The US government initiated contact at the suggestion of Obama’s Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke (recently deceased). The New Yorker’s Steve Coll will publish [&hellip... more →

South Sudan: 99 Percent There


The 11 January plebiscite conducted in South Sudan concluded, when all the votes were turned in, ninety-nine percent (99%) in favor of the South separating from the North. According to the UN brokered peace agreement five-years ago, South Sudan will become an independent state based on this vote in July 2011. As might be expected, [&hellip... more →

South Sudan Will be Independent, But


The peoples of South Sudan have been suffering the greed and bigotry of leaders in the north of Sudan since the colonial transition in 1956.  British mistakes and faulty political organization among the colonized left incomplete adequate political structures to ensure fair political power distribution. The result was more than fifty years of strife and [&hellip... more →

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