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US New Enemy: Indigenous Peoples


The US Supreme Court heard arguments today reported by the news media as an issue of US Constitutional First Amendment Rights. The Courts decision will have much larger implications if it decides in favor the US Justice Departments arguments that seek to enforce the US Government’s Patriot Act (hastily enacted by the US Congress after [&hellip... more →

A Sorry Saga or a First Step?


An article recently surfaced in Indian Country Today entitled “A Sorry Saga,” in which the author brings attention to the Native American Apology Resolution signed by President Obama on December 19th, as part of a defense appropriation spending bill. While the Resolution had passed as a stand-alone piece of legislation in the Senate, it was [&hellip... more →

Pashtunistan the Country–Security Lessons


Afghanistan and Pakistan stand as two semi-organized states with Pashtunistan and other nations astride their mid-sections. Violently attacked by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the 1980s, undermined by the United States government that busily supported and financed the rise of the Taliban in its opposition to the USSR, viciously attacked by the Taliban [&hellip... more →

North-South Climate Debate and IPs


Thirty years ago the United Nations was at the center of what was called the “North-South Debate.” The so-called poor countries and rich countries wrestled over demands by poor countries for rich countries to send some of their wealth to help them with economic struggles and environmental degradation. The poor countries (mostly former colonies of [&hellip... more →

Dying For Money in Peru’s Jungle


Suffering, in real danger of being wiped out from a hepatitis B infection is the indigenous nation of the Candoshi, estimated at 2,500, in Peru’s northern Amazon jungle. After Candoshi chief Venancio Ucama Simon’s dramatical call on the government, Health Minister Oscar Ugarte declared a health emergency in the area to tackle the hepatitis B [&hellip... more →

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