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Human Rights

Holding Electronics Industry Responsible


Without mobile phones modern communication seems impossible. The total number of mobile telephone subscriptions reached 3.3 billion in 2007. More than 1.1 billion mobile phones were manufactured worldwide that same year. Most of us living in the developed world own at least one or two mobile phones, getting a new one almost every year. The [&hellip... more →

Companies Commiting War Crimes


Should there be a death penalty for corporations severely violating human rights? Or would house arrest be preferable? These and many other contemporary questions were discussed the passed three days during an international conference on transnational corporations and human rights in Berlin, Germany. There currently exists no binding mechanism (hard law= treaties or international agreements [&hellip... more →

China Attempts to Stifle NGO Statement on Tibet


This report demands widespread understanding and recognition. I offer it in full. Monday, September 29, 2008 1:03 AM From: “Tibetan UN Advocacy” <> China Attempts to Stifle NGO Statement on Tibet (Phayul) September 15, 2008 Phayul [Thursday, September 11, 2008]Ngawang C. Drakmargyapon Phayul Special Correspondent United Nations, Geneva, 10 September -Ambassador Martin Ihoeghian Uhomohbhi of Nigeria, [&hellip... more →

LEAVING FEAR BEHIND: How you can help


Leaving Fear Behind You can help by linking to the tabs below. Home Press release Downloads Film-makers Filming for Tibet Media coverage Take action WHEREABOUTS OF THE FILMMAKERS Dhondup Wangchen was detained by Chinese security authorities on March 26, 2008, in Tong De, Qinghai Province. He was held in Ershilipu Detention Center, in Xining for three [&hellip... more →

Tibet: Beyond Fear


New television documentary “Tibet: Beyond Fear” April 18th, 2008 With opening words by the Chairman of ICT’s Board Richard Gere, “Tibet: Beyond Fear” documents the remarkable courage of Ngawang Sangdrol, a 13-year-old Buddhist Nun and Bagdro, a 20-year-old Buddhist monk who participate in demonstrations against the Chinese authorities in Tibet and in support of the Dalai [&hellip... more →

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