African Documents

  1. Documents by Dr. Richard Griggs on the Great Lakes conflict in Eastern Zaire, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and Tanzania:
  2. The Cultural Dimensions of Environmental Decision-Making by Dr. Richard Griggs
  3. MOROCO85.TXT - Statement by Morocco at the UNWGIP 4th Session - April 1985
  4. NUBA1.TXT - The Crisis in Nuba Mountains - Genocide against the Nuba by Sudan
  5. NUBA2.TXT - Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad info sheet and help request
  6. PARKIPNY.TXT - The Indigenous Peoples Rights Question in Africa - Statement before UNWGIP by Moringe Parkipuny, Member of Parliament, Ngorongoro, Tanzania
  7. OGONI.TXT - Background material on the Ogoni Nation in Nigeria consisting of UNPO and Amnesty International Reports
  8. REHOBOTH.TXT - On the Discrimination of the Rehoboth Basters - A paper to the UN by European immigrants to Namibia trying to claim to be "Indigenous Peoples"
  9. SHELOGON.TXT - Nigeria's "Drilling Fields": Shell Oil's Role in Repression by Steve Kretzmann, Multi-National Monitor
  10. SUDAN.TXT - The Systematic Depopulation of Southern Sudan by Dr. Deng Dongrin Akuany - speech at UN WGIP July, 1993
  11. TUAREG.TXT - Information on the situation with the Tuareg people in Northern Africa
  12. W_SAHARA.TXT - UN Secretary-General Report on the Concerning Western Sahara May 26, 1993